Useful code examples to validate forms in Angular 9+

Colorful geometric pattern
Colorful geometric pattern
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  • We’ll validate user inputs using Angular’s built-in Validators, a set of functions provided by the framework.
  • We’ll access form control properties to manage which errors should show when.
  • We’ll enable the submit button only when all form controls are valid.


Javascript fundamentals, ideas for your next frontend project, and some advice on judging early work

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1. Class vs. Factory in JavaScript

  • “In a nutshell, a factory is a function that returns an object, while a class is a template for an object.”
  • “While differences may seem trivial, factories are more robust against bugs due to avoiding the this keyword. You should use them in almost all cases.”
  • “Classes are slightly faster to instantiate, but we’re talking a fraction of a fraction of a millisecond. And as…

A pep-talk for new developers looking for motivation

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  • I am a lifelong learner, and being a developer is a way to get to constantly learn while getting to build awesome stuff.
  • I…

Small signs of success, and a few recommendations!

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A few articles I think are worth reading this week!

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1. What is the difference between Flexbox and CSS Grid?

  • “The most important thing to know is that flexbox is one-dimensional, while CSS Grid is two-dimensional. Flexbox lays out items along either the horizontal or the vertical axis, so you have to decide whether you want a row-based or a column-based layout.”
  • “On the other hand, CSS Grid lets you work along…

A poem

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A rundown of articles I actually learned something from this week!

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1. How does the Javascript Call Stack Work?

2. Frontend Facts: Better options for mailto and tel links

Lean into fear and embrace not knowing. See what it has to teach you

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A quick tutorial on using Angular routing to display your views and pass data between components

child standing in a field looking at a map
child standing in a field looking at a map
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What Are We Learning?

  • Show and hide components using routes as opposed to input and output properties
  • Keep those components in communication with each other by passing data in the route
  • Learn how to set up routes in the routing module
  • Use routerLink to set up click events and pass data to the route

Being new is scary! This is how I work through my anxiety and get the work done anyway

Jack-o’-lantern with blue smoke
Jack-o’-lantern with blue smoke
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